Free and Bonded WarehousingFree and Bonded Warehousing

On and off the road, in and out of the warehouse, we develop the solutions to meet your needs - sometimes before you even know what you need.

We will arrange for Warehousing in most major regional centres by procuring for you:

- Pick and Pack
- Pallet Racking and open floor storage
- 24 hr handling
- Management of Stock Inventory
- Stock control
- Pallet/Parcel Scales
- Vehicle
- Weighbridge
- Manned security

The state of the 3rd party warehousing and handling facilities available in the ports of Mombasa and Nairobi are designed as complete physical distribution and warehousing service centres. We are networked to take advantage of those facilities.

Benefits of these regional warehouses:

- Seamless distribution
- Reduced total costs of delivered goods to customers
- Access to expertise in local markets
- Risk reduction - market entry and exit
- Improved focus on core competency
- Improved returns on low capital base.